Sortation & Distribution

J.W. Logistics provides scheduled distribution services that include regularly scheduled deliveries made on a point-to-point basis as well as deliveries that may require intermediate handling, routing or sorting of items to be delivered to multiple locations. Our on-demand delivery capabilities supplement scheduled distribution services as needed. J.W. Logistics distribution solution has the flexibility to expand or contract depending on the client’s needs.

Distribution Services:

  • Dedicated, scheduled routes and distribution
  • Clear-outs
  • Daily optimization of routes
  • Variable cost structure to best meet fluctuation in demand
  • Logistics expertise to improve service and ensure efficiency gains
  • Routing, scanning and GPS technology to provide accurate visibility and information
Home Delivery & Assembly

J.W. Logistics provides a unique home delivery solution tailored to meet specific requirements. J.W. Logistics specializes in the transportation of small and large consumer products, including appliances, furniture, cabinets and electronics directly to your customer’s home or office. The home delivery and assembly provides flexible and reliable delivery without compromising quality and convenience for your customer with real-time delivery status updates. J.W. Logistics promises professional, trained, uniformed, and certified drivers.

Transportation Management

J.W. Logistics’ complete transportation management program was thoughtfully designed for clients that are focused on reducing transportation expenditures and enhancing the service they provide to their customers. J.W. Logistics streamlines the transportation process by providing a single point of contact for their needs regardless of the mode or method of transportation, allowing the client to focus on their core competencies.

Transportation Management:

  • Transportation consulting
  • Carrier negotiations, selection and management
  • Consolidated purchasing power
  • Freight bill auditing and payment services
  • Performance reporting
  • Dedicated customer service management
  • Claims management
  • Process and procedure optimization

Fleet Services

J.W. Logistics’ dedicated fleet service was exclusively designed for customers that currently own and manage their own fleet of vehicles. Our transportation management solution helps clients replace their fleet allowing them to reduce fixed costs and only pay for vehicles they need. Regardless of demand volume, J.W. Logistics’ dedicated fleet service provides clients the ability to improve their shipping service to their customers, focus on their business strategy, and relieve the burden and costs of owning a fleet of vehicles. Fleet services are accomplished through a combination of asset and non-asset based resources including third party vendors and our wholly owned subsidiary, J.W. Fleet Services, LLC.

Dedicated Fleet Benefits:

  • Eliminate the need to buy, lease or maintain vehicles
  • Single-source solution for shipping needs
  • Efficiency gains using logistics experts and state-of-the-art technology for routing, planning and tracking
  • Allows clients to focus on core competencies
  • Relief of costs related to managing and maintaining a private fleet
  • Reduces overall transportation expenditures
  • Enhances the client’s services to their customers
  • Ability to adjust fleet size daily with fluctuations in demand